Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2011 Utah Legislative Report

During the 2011 session the ACLU of Utah:
  • Was responsible for getting an important piece of legislation passed: a bill to protect the right of domestic violence victims to be free from eviction or other harassment for calling law enforcement.
  • Was instrumental in halting or neutralizing harmful legislation on at least 10 occasions.
    Tracked and engaged in lobbying efforts on more than 50 bills.
  • Responded to numerous requests by lawmakers, government officials, community partners and the media for information as to the constitutionality of bills.
  • Attended more than 20 committee hearings.
  • Testified against or in support of bills in 13 committee hearings.
  • Distributed numerous letters, fact sheets and/or reports to members of the Utah Legislature regarding the constitutionality of proposed legislation, including 6 letters to the governor urging veto or signature.
  • Participated in ongoing meetings with and mobilized coalition groups to influence potential legislation in the following areas: immigration, criminal justice, racial justice, reproductive freedoms and voting rights.
  • Hosted 2 citizen lobby training's.
Read the full report at http://www.acluutah.org/2011legreport.htm