Monday, October 24, 2011

ACLU Of Utah Responds To Use of Batons, Pepper Spray By Police On Haka Dancers at Roosevelt H.S. Football Game

Posted 10/24/11 - News reports and video’s posted on Youtube have brought to the ACLU of Utah’s attention that on Thursday, October 20, 2011, officers from the Roosevelt Police Department used pepper spray and batons on a group of people performing a Haka Dance at the conclusion of the Roosevelt High School football game.
According to published news reports, the Roosevelt Police Department is conducting an investigation into the incident. The ACLU of Utah is deeply troubled by the images and accounts of the incident, and we have written to the Roosevelt Police Department requesting that we are sent a copy of any report that results from that investigation.
In our letter we expressed our hope that the Police Department will conduct “a fair, comprehensive, and unbiased investigation into this matter, that to the extent that your report reveals wrongdoing, those who are deemed to have used excessive and unwarranted force are held accountable, and that training will be provided to your force to ensure that another incident like this is never repeated."
Accordingly, we encourage anyone with information regarding the incident to report it to the Police Department, so that they have an opportunity to assess the information and respond appropriately. At the same time, we encourage those with first hand knowledge of the incident to share that information with us, so that we can adequately monitor the situation as well. Our online law enforcement complaint form can be filled out here >>

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