Friday, February 25, 2011

Instate tuition: The debate goes on.

Instate tuition for undocumented residents of Utah, has been a subject of great debate since Utah implemented the policy in 2002.  H.B. 191, Nonresident Tuition Waiver Amendments, will repeal the ability for undocumented college students who live in Utah to pay instate tuition. Thursday, H.B. 191 came to the House floor for a debate. During the debate, it became clear that many legislators, including several republicans, have issues with the bill.  Rep. Wright proposed an amendment to the bill that would require students to provide proof of payment of taxes for the previous year, by either the student, or the parent or legal guardian of the student. The amendment passed in dramatic fashion.  Because the vote on the amendment was so narrow, all Representatives were called back to the House floor for the vote. Rep. Kiser proposed another amendment that would extend the requirement of proof of payment of taxes to three years. In an attempt to stop this amendment and end the debate on H.B. 191, Rep. Wimmer, the bill sponsor, circled the bill. Nonetheless, Rep. Wimmer can uncircle the bill at any time, bringing H.B. 191 back to the floor for debate and a vote. Keep an eye on this bill as it could move at any moment. 

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