Thursday, February 10, 2011

TAKE ACTION: Stop H.B. 70, "Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act"

Rep. Sandstrom's HB 70, "Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act," is going to be heard in the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee tomorrow at 2pm (PM/ Room 30 in the House Building). Show up early to fill the committee room.

Contact the representatives who will be at the hearing and tell them to VOTE NO on the Arizona copycat bill!

Use these talking points in your communication with the Committee members.

HB 70 Talking Points:

HB 70, modeled on Arizona’s SB 1070, requires law enforcement to act as federal immigration officers and to rely on “reasonable suspicion” to determine immigration status. This approach is harmful to our communities, our citizens and the rule of law. It invites racial profiling, creates divisiveness within our community and diverts valuable resources away from other legitimate law enforcement efforts.

Immigration policy has always been within the jurisdiction of the federal government. Legislation that creates immigration policy at the state and local levels is vulnerable to challenge in the courts.

We are not certain of the overall economic impact of immigration in Utah. We must not be hasty to implement laws that could have a negative impact on our already faltering economy. The experiences of other states such as Arizona tell us that this sort of legislation has a clear negative impact on the economy.

Please VOTE NO on HB 70!

Find out which Representatives are on the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee (Click on Committee Membership in the left hand column) >>

Read some general ACLU of Utah talking points on immigration legislation (PDF) >>

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